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Interested in joining this workshop?

Let me know below, and I will send you information on the next session: 

Digital Device Overuse Workshop:

This group was designed for:


  • Adults who want to increase their mindfulness of screen time and to understand the affects of digital device overuse on their lives.

  • Those motivated to make changes with screen use and who would like the support and accountability a group can provide.


In this workshop you can explore, examine, and learn to:


Increase awareness of your typical daily use of social media, texting, emailing, playing video games, surfing the Internet, etc.


Identify priorities in your life for which you’d like to devote more time


Understand the need to set limits on your digital device use


How to cultivate mindful choices about your digital device use


Consider free-time activities that promote creativity, a healthy body, and deep relaxation;


Increase awareness of digital device use for self soothing and excitement


Become more aware of when digital devices become a barrier to intimacy and quality time with loved ones.


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