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Mindful Tech Lovers

Therapist-hosted Discussion Group 


This new group is a therapist-hosted forum allowing you to explore your relationship with digital devices. For those who love these devices but are concerned about overuse, this discussion group offers a chance to reflect on the impact of screen time. Whether it’s social media, games, texting, surfing the Internet, etc., it’s hard not to overuse personal screens. Busy schedules and rapid acceptance of new technology often leaves us unaware of how we’re affected by our personal screens.

Digital Device Overuse Workshop


This group was designed for:


  • Adults who want to increase their mindfulness of screen time and to understand the affects of digital device overuse on their lives.

  • Those motivated to make changes with screen use and who would like the support and accountability a group can provide.

Group Psychotherapy:

If you haven't participated in group psychotherapy you might wonder about the advantages. Here are some common advantages:

  • Multiple perspectives for feedback and support,

  • Relating to others with similar concerns, i.e.: you are not alone,

  • The potential for quicker resolution of your issues and concerns,

  • Opportunities to learn more about yourself through group interactions,

  • Lower fee-per-session than self-pay/full-fee individual therapy.

Interested in joining a group or workshop?

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