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Mindful Tech Lovers

discussion group


Digital technology and devices touch our lives in so many ways. It's hard to imagine life without smartphones yet we often feel encumbered by these devices, apps and platforms. It's easy to default to time-draining use of social media, games and Internet surfing. And it might feel more comfortable to interact with and through our personal screens than face-to-face or phone conversations.  

We help shape ourselves and society through our values and actions. Are we using our time for what's important to us? Are we making use of digital technology and devices in ways we value? Are we trying to stimulate and soothe ourselves in habitual ways? Could we benefit from changes in the ways we use our personal screens?


These and other related questions and topics are open for discussion. The purpose of this group is to spark interest in our use of personal screens. From there we can decide whether we'd benefit from making changes in our relationship with digital devices.        


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