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How I view and approach my work with clients

Each person comes to therapy with a unique set of challenges, strengths, life experiences, and goals. I work collaboratively with each client so that we develop a shared understanding of your struggles, obstacles, hopes and dreams. From there, we both have input into the course and direction of your therapy experience. 

I have trained in and have studied treatment models and theories in the realm of psychodynamic and cognitive-behavior therapies. The treatment model I am drawing from most now is Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (SP).

SP is a talk therapy that widens the lens on the elements we include when building an understanding of you, your challenges, and goals. By paying attention to physical sensations, movement, and posture, we gain additional information and another route by which to work in therapy sessions. How and when we pay attention to these elements is part of the collaborative process. Thoughts and emotions are naturally included as significant areas for exploration within the SP framework.  

Helping those with anxiety and relationship concerns is a large focus of my work, I often provide help with the following: reducing social anxiety, encouraging helpful risk-taking to improve self-esteem, developing effective interpersonal boundaries, and enhancing one's ability for self acceptance. 

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